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Fig. S1 Phylogenetic distribution of multiple CRM domain proteins in plants.

Fig. S2 The mitochondria morphology of mcsf1 plants by electron microscopy.

Fig. S3 Accumulation of organellar transcripts in wildtype and mcsf1 plants mitochondria.

Fig. S4 Sequencing results after RT-PCR of the cox2, nad1, nad2, nad4, nad5, nad7 and rps3 mRNAs in mcsf1-1 plants.

Fig. S5 Analysis of mcsf1 mitochondrial transcriptome by RT-qPCR.

Fig. S6 In vivo localization analysis of CRS2/PTH-associated proteins.


Table S1 List of primers used in Arabidopsis plant screening

Table S2 DNA oligonucleotides used in GFP localization assays

Table S3 Primers used for the splicing qRT-PCR experiment

Table S4 List of antibodies used for the analysis of mcsf1 mutants