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Fig. S1 Illustration of the severity scale used for disease index evaluation.

Fig. S2 The phenotype of PDS-silencing in sitiens.

Fig. S3 The effect of HBA treatment on the wild-type plant.

Fig. S4 The effect of GS inhibition by MSO on electrolyte leakage in sitiens and wild-type plants inoculated with B. cinerea.

Fig. S5 Sequence alignment (BlastX) of the novel tomato PAL (PAL 7) and existing tomato PAL1 (accession no. P26600) and PAL5 (accession no. P35511) isoforms.

Table S1 Gene-specific primers used in quantitative real-time PCR

Table S2 Gene-specific primers used in virus-induced gene silencing

Table S3 Concentrations of GABA in sitiens and wild-type plants at different time points postinoculation

Table S4 Levels of silencing of (VIGS) target genes

Table S5 Levels of inhibition of target enzymes

nph12283-sup-0002-VideoS1.avivideo/avi5791KVideo S1 Live-cell imaging of the ‘green bionissia’ region in a sitiens leaf disk inoculated with B. cinerea at 21 dpi.