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Fig. S1 Map showing the location of Guiyang area and sampling sites.

Fig. S2 Contributions of soil-RDN to moss bulk N in the Guiyang area.

Fig. S3 Contributions of inline image and DON to moss bulk N in the Guiyang area.

Fig. S4 Soil N availability versus soil N contribution in moss N in the Guiyang area.

Table S1 Level and δ15N of dissolved N in wet deposition at Guiyang, southwestern China

Table S2 Bulk N and δ15N in natural mosses in the Guiyang area

Notes S1 Additional methodological details for the study area, sampling and isotopic analyses.

Notes S2 Additional results for characteristics of soils under mosses.

Notes S3 Additional results of isotopic mass-balance calculations based on RDN.