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Fig. S1 Protein comparison of DNA methyltranferases and demethylases from different plant species.

Fig. S2 Viral DNA accumulation and Rep expression in N. benthamiana local and systemic infection assays.

Fig. S3 Viral accumulation and Rep expression in a TYLCSV mutant. Transient expression of TYLCSV C2, C4, V2 and Rep in N. benthamiana leaves is shown.

Fig. S4 Transient expression of mutated versions of TGMV and TYLCSV Rep proteins in N. benthamiana.

Fig. S5 Rep, AtDRM2 and AtROS1 expression levels in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Fig. S6 Retrotransposon AtTa3 transcripts were detected in the Arabidopsis thaliana ddm1 mutant.

Fig. S7 TLCSV Rep protein reduces CG methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Fig. S8 Rep expression in Arabidopsis thaliana L5 transgenic plants (RCL1).

Table S1 Primers used in this work

Table S2 Probes, RT-PCR and primers used in this work

Table S3 Plasmids generated in this work

Table S4 Infectious clones used in this work

Methods S1 Supplemental experimental procedures.