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Table S1 Samples of Taxus wallichiana used in this study

Table S2 Chloroplast haplotypes detected in the trnL-trnF region

Table S3 GenBank accession numbers of all sequences included for date and mutation rate estimate in this study

Table S4 The 11 calibration points used in relaxed molecular clock models for the present studies

Table S5 Codes for the 19 BioClim variables used to define the ecological habitats of Taxus wallichiana populations

Table S6 Pairs of Taxus wallichiana populations across the gene flow barrier used in the paired t-tests

Table S7 Summary of dataset I divergence time estimation results

Table S8 Population level means (and standard errors) for 19 BioClim variables for 43 Taxus wallichiana populations, including the results of two-tailed t-tests

Fig. S1 Frequency distributions of pairwise nucleotide differences for cpDNA trnL-trnF sequence data.

Fig. S2 Divergence times for the Taxaceae based on 39 genera of Gymnosperm.