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Fig. S1 Genotyping RFO3 in progeny of recombinant plants.

Fig. S2 Resistance phenotype of Col-0 subclones in the RFO3 interval.

Fig. S3 Detection of RFO3 transcripts in total RNA from Col-0 and Ty-0.

Fig. S4 Common and rare polymorphisms in RFO3-C.

Fig. S5 RFO3 chromosomal region in Brassicaceae.

Fig. S6 Alignment of S domain of RFO3 homologs.

Fig. S7 Diversity in sequence flanking RFO3.

Fig. S8 Geographical distribution of accessions with RFO3 variants and subtypes.


Table S1 Primers to amplify SSLP and CAPS markers

Table S2 Primers for dominant multiplex PCR markers

Table S3 PCR-amplified DNA sequencing of RFO3-T

Table S4 Gene-specific primers to PCR-amplify RFO3 cDNAs in Col-0 and Ty-0

Table S5 RFO3 orthologs and paralogs in other plant species

Table S6 RFO3 variant and subtype of 217 resequenced accessions

Table S7 The 34 SNPs that distinguish 17 sequences of the RFO3-C variant

Table S8 Wilt resistance and RFO3 typing of 53 sequenced accessions

Table S9 Common SNPs, in Arabidopsis genes, with extreme Z scores