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Fig. S1 Full sequence alignment of AtPAT10 and other known DHHC-PATs.

Fig. S2 AtPAT10 secondary structure prediction.

Fig. S3 The expression of AtPAT10 in seedlings and mature Arabidopsis plant by RT-PCR.

Fig. S4 AtPAT10 expression in WT and atpat10 mutant plant leaves detected by RT-PCR.

Fig. S5 Seed germination and early seedling development were affected in atpat10-1 plants.

Fig. S6 Light microscopy images of cross-sections from the base of the primary inflorescence stem.

Fig. S7 AtPAT10 is localized in Golgi.

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Table S1 Phenotypic analysis of Col-0 and atpat10-1

Table S2 Cell size and number

Table S3 Primers used in this study

nph12385-sup-0003-MethodS1.docWord document100KMethods S1 Additional materials and methods information.
nph12385-sup-0004-movieS1.avivideo/avi25482KMovie S1 AtPAT10-YFP is localized in the tonoplast.
nph12385-sup-0005-movieS2.avivideo/avi6241KMovie S2 AtPAT10-YFP is seen moving rapidly along cytoplasmic strands.
nph12385-sup-0006-movieS3.avivideo/avi1879KMovie S3 Staining with FM4-64 after 5 min.
nph12385-sup-0007-movieS4.avivideo/avi1442KMovie S4 Staining with FM4-6 4 after 40 min.
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