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Fig. S1 Sequence relatedness of lima bean TPS2 (PlTPS2; GenBank accession no. KC012520), Medicago truncatula TPS3 (MtTPS3; AAV36466) and some other angiosperm TPSs.

Fig. S2 Relative mRNA levels of PlTPS2 or MtTPS3 in leaves of transgenic N. tabacum and L. japonicus plants.

Fig. S3 Morphology of wild-type and transgenic N. tabacum plants.

Fig. S4 Morphology of wild-type and transgenic L. japonicus plants.

Fig. S5 Representative gas chromatography-mass spectrometry profile of volatiles emitted from the wild-type and transgenic N. tabacum (NtPT or NtMT) lines.

Fig. S6 Survival rate of L. trifolii from larva to pupal stages in wild-type and LjPT3 lines.

Fig. S7 TPS products and olfactory response of the predatory mites to LjPT5 lines.

nph12442-sup-0002-TableS1.xlsxapplication/msexcel37KTable S1 Primers used for this study