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Fig. S1 Characterization of ss4 mutants.

Fig. S2 Growth of ss4 roots.

Fig. S3 Phenotypes of ss4sex1 mutants.

Fig. S4 Expression of Agrobacterium glgA in ss3ss4 mutants.

Fig. S5 Starch granules in arc x ss4 mutants.

Fig. S6 Effects of inducing RNAi targeted at the SS4 gene.

Fig. S7 SS4 coding sequence showing regions targeted by RNAi.

Fig. S8 Transgenic ss4 plants expressing SS4.

Fig. S9 Further characterization of heterozygous (SS4ss4) plants.

Table S1 Oligonucleotide primers used in this study

Table S2 Starch synthase activities and chlorophyll contents of ss4 mutants

Table S3 ADPglucose contents of mature and immature leaves of ss4 mutants