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Fig. S1 Alfalfa grown in a microscale hydroponic system.

Fig. S2 A. thaliana seedlings grown on vertical plates.

Fig. S3 Hydroponic culture system with A. thaliana.

Fig. S4 MapMan categories showing DEGs involved in biotic and abiotic stresses, secondary metabolism and a large enzyme family after 3 h of exposure of M. sativa seedlings to 3 μM Hg.

Fig. S5 Localization of the up-regulated ethylene-related genes under Hg stress in the biosynthetic and signalling ethylene pathways.

Fig. S6 Phylogenetic trees comparing M. truncatula sequences with homologous sequences of related species and A. thaliana.

Table S1 Primers designed for M. truncatula and A. thaliana to amplify several cDNA fragments by quantitative PCR

Table S3 List of MapMan categories that exhibit different behaviour in terms of the expression profile

Table S4 MapMan-enriched categories with a high percentage of DEGs according to Hg treatment and selected by the χ2 test

Methods S1 Details of experimental design and M. sativa and A. thaliana cultures.


Table S2 Up- and down-regulated common and exclusive genes

Table S5 A comprehensive list of the total DEGs (FDR < 0.01) with 3 μM Hg for any length of exposure (3, 6, 24 h)