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Fig. S1 Alignment of Holcus lanatus translated isotig20112 against an Oryza sativa PSTOL1 (OsPupK46-2) reported as a newly identified tolerance gene for phosphorous deficiency in Gamuyao et al. (2012).

Fig. S2 Alignment of Holcus lanatus isotig16840 with an Oryza sativa putative auxin-binding protein 4 precursor and B. distachyon predicted auxin-binding protein 4-like.

Fig. S3 Alignment of Holcus lanatus translated isotig12721 with an Oryza sativa expansin precursor and B. distachyon expansin-B7-like protein.

Fig. S4 Alignment of Holcus lanatus translated isotig01092, isotig18981 and isotig09507 with an Oryza sativa putative high-affinity phosphate transporter (HAPT) (AAM49810.1), O. sativa putative phosphate transporters (LOC_Os08 g45000.1 and LOC_Os10 g30790.2) and Brachypodium distachyon phosphate transporter 1-4-like isoform 2 (XP_003558116.1).

Fig. S5 Alignment of Holcus lanatus translated isotig16690 with an Oryza sativa phosphate transporter, phosphate transporter 1-3 (PHO1-3) (Q651J5), and O. sativa putative phosphate transporter 1 (LOC_Os06 g29790.1).

Fig. S6 Alignment of Holcus lanatus translated isotig11028 with Oryza sativa integral membrane protein DUF6 containing protein, expressed Brachypodium distachyon predicted auxin-induced protein 5NG4-like.

Fig. S7 Alignment of Holcus lanatus translated isotig19077 against an H. lanatus CDC25-like tyrosine phosphatase reported by Bleeker et al. (2006).

Fig. S8 Alignment of Holcus lanatus translated isotig02053 with Arabidopsis thaliana ALFIN-LIKE 6 protein and Brachypodium distachyon PHD finger protein ALFIN-LIKE 2-like.

Fig. S9 Alignment of Holcus lanatus isotig09604 with LOC_Os03 g01700.1, an expressed Oryza sativa protein (arsB-like, putative arsenite transport protein/cation-related transport protein).

nph12491-sup-0002-TableS1.xlsxapplication/msexcel14KTable S1 Statistical overview of Holcus lanatus 454 and Illumina data
nph12491-sup-0003-TableS2.pdfapplication/PDF19097KTable S2 Reference Holcus lanatus 454 transcriptome assembly with newbler 2.6
nph12491-sup-0004-TableS3.xlsxapplication/msexcel20181KTable S3 Annotated expressed transcripts/isotigs, normalized counts, and differential expression results as identified in R with package DESeq for Holcus lanatus, comparing tolerant and nontolerant phenotypes and phosphate treatments
nph12491-sup-0005-TableS4.xlsxapplication/msexcel2880KTable S4 Raw count data for all Holcus lanatus Illumina sequencing data
nph12491-sup-0006-TableS5.docxWord document125KTable S5 Consistent SNPs identified in Holcus lanatus isotigs across all genotypes of either the nontolerant (N) or the tolerant (T) phenotype; six homozygous (close to 100%) and 30 heterozygous (close to 50%); plotted in Fig. 5