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Fig. S1 Construction of vector pBI-ANRi.

Fig. S2 PCR-based detection of the nptII selectable marker gene in 14 of 17 transgenic strawberry lines.

Fig. S3 PCR-based detection of the chimeric anr gene construct in 14 of 17 transgenic strawberry lines.

Fig. S4 Detection of integrated T-DNA copies in DNA of the ANRi transgenic strawberry lines by Southern hybridization.

Fig. S5 Gene expression analyses of flavonoid genes in receptacles of five independent strawberry ANRi lines (F22, F21, F17, F15 and F14) relative to wild-type control.

Fig. S6 Relative concentration of quercetin glucuronide (top) and kaempferol glucoside (bottom) in fruits of different ANRi lines (F22, F21, F17, F15 and F14) and the wild-type.

Table S1 Gene-specific primers: MYB, PAL, C4H, C4L, CHS, CHI, F3H, DFR, FLS, ANS, LAR, ANR, FGT1 and ITS (internal transcribed spacer 26S-18S RNA, housekeeping transcript for normalization)

Table S2 Tests for fruit firmness and ascorbic acid concentration in ANRi lines of strawberry