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Fig. S1 Functional complementation test of the yeast abc1 mutant.

Fig. S2 AtSIA1 and AtOSA1 gene expression analysis in A. thaliana WT plants.

Fig. S3 Overexpression of chimera AtSIA1-FLAG and AtOSA1-FLAG proteins in transgenic lines (OX-AtSIA1 and OX-AtOSA1).

Fig. S4 Analysis of AtSIA and AtOSA1 localization in chloroplast membranes.

Fig. S5 Blue-Native page of thylakoidal complexes.

Fig. S6 Analysis of heme content in wild-type and mutant plants.

Fig. S7 Expression of iron-related proteins in A. thaliana plants.

Fig. S8 Expression of antioxidant enzyme in iron-deficiency conditions.

Fig. S9 Localization of proteins recognized by antibodies utilized.

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Table S1 Pigment content determined by HPLC

Methods S1 Details of methods of generation of antibodies against the AtSIA1 and AtOSA1 proteins; yeast complementation assay; total protein extraction and quantification; Blue-Native PAGE; and heme extraction and quantification.