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Fig. S1 Illustration of the fine-mapping evolution of the cmr1 Arabidopsis mutant.

Fig. S2 Root length of 15-d-old pme3 (At3g14310) seedlings exposed to high-Cu or salt conditions.

Fig. S3 Detection of a mutation at the At3g14190 locus.

Fig. S4 Coverage of cmr1-1 reads onto the Col-0 WT Arabidopsis reference genome.

Fig. S5 Magnification of two low-coverage regions and analysis of cmr1 pair reads.

Fig. S6 Nature of the cmr1 mutation and genomic sequence of the hybrid At3g14190 gene.

Fig. S7 Impact of Cu2+ and Na+ excess on cmr1-1 and WT Arabidopsis biomass in hydroponics.

Fig. S8 Allelism test between Arabidopsis cmr1-1 and T-DNA mutants at the At3g14190 locus.


Table S1 Number of M2 Arabidopsis seedlings screened in vertical plates

Table S2 List of the 53 candidate genes located in the 184 kb region of interest delimited by the fine-mapping of the cmr1 Arabidopsis mutant

Table S3 Microarray analysis of the genes lying in the 184 kb region delimited by the fine-mapping of cmr1 and whose expression was differentially regulated in cmr1 as compared with WT

Table S4 List of T-DNA insertion mutants available at the At3g14190 locus

Table S5 Mineral profile of the in vitro-grown cmr1-2 mutant and WT Arabidopsis plants

Table S6 Potassium concentrations in the in vitro-grown Arabidopsis cmr1-1 mutant and T-DNA SALK_035661 lines

Table S7 Molecular markers used in the map-based cloning of the cmr1 Arabidopsis mutant

Table S8 List of potential cis-acting regulatory elements identified in the 5′ regulatory sequence of the CMR1 Arabidopsis gene

Table S9 List of genes related to the cell cycle differentially regulated in cmr1-1 compared with WT

Table S10 List of genes related to potassium homeostasis differentially regulated in cmr1-1 compared with WT (cutoff = 3)

Table S11 List of primers used in genotyping of both cmr1 mutant alleles (positions of primers are relative to the translation initiation codon) and cloning of CMR1 CDS