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Fig. S1 A putative anthocyanin biosynthesis pathway in lilies.

Fig. S2 Spot appearance in Asiatic hybrid lily cultivars.

Fig. S3 Nucleotide sequence alignments of LhMYB12-Lat and LhMYB12-Mon alleles.

Fig. S4 Phylogenetic tree of plant R2R3-MYB regulating anthocyanin biosynthesis.

Fig. S5 Segregation of LhMYB12-Lat and LhMYB12-Ren alleles among the F1 plants.

Fig. S6 Co-segregation of LhMYB12-Lat genotype and splatter phenotype among the F1 population.

Fig. S7 Gene transcription in the transformed tobacco plants.

Table S1 Primer sequences

Table S2 Amplification of LhMYB12 alleles in Tango Series Asiatic hybrid lily cultivars