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Fig. S1 flg22 triggers a dose-dependent oxidative burst in grapevine.

Fig. S2 Confirmation of the plasma membrane localization of VvFLS2.

Fig. S3 Burkholderia phytofirmans living bacteria, crude extract or purified flagellin triggers grapevine and Arabidopsis immunity.

Fig. S4 flg22 epitopes from different bacteria induce differential gene expression and growth inhibition in grapevine.

Fig. S5 Bp flg22, Pa flg22 and Xc flg22 induce a similar defense gene expression in Arabidopsis.

Fig. S6 Burkholderia phytofirmans overcomes Xc flg22-induced microbe-associated molecular pattern-triggered immunity (MTI) to colonize grapevine plantlets.

Table S1 Percentage of amino acid identity or similarity between AtFLS2, LeFLS2, OsFLS2 and VvFLS2

Table S2 Growth inhibition triggered by the different flg22 epitopes in Arabidopsis thaliana (wild-type (WT) Col-0 and the complemented line fls2/p35S::VvFLS2 #3) and Vitis vinifera (WT Chardonnay)

Methods S1 Histochemical β-glucuronidase (GUS) detection in Arabidopsis pPR1::GUS seedlings.

Methods S2 Bacterial inoculum and plant infection.