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Fig. S1 Alignment of the HvSod1 promoter and protein coding regions for 10 barley genotypes.

Fig. S2 Images of two-dimensional polyacrylamide gels for identification of differentially expressed proteins.

Fig. S3 Mapping of hvu-miR398-mediated cleavages on HvSod1 mRNA.

Fig. S4 Images representing autofluorescence and DAB staining in BSMV-induced HvSod1-silenced seedlings.


Table S1 Primers used for genomic DNA PCR, inverse-PCR, RNA gel blot analysis, miR398 over-expression, and BSMV-VIGS constructs

Table S2 Differentially expressed proteins identified by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis coupled with MS/MS analysis and MASCOT search

Table S3 Results of Tukey–Kramer ANOVA of autofluorescence (HR)

Table S4 Results of Tukey–Kramer ANOVA for DAB staining

Table S5 Results of Tukey–Kramer ANOVA for elongating secondary hyphae (ESH)