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Fig. S1 Cyanidin biosynthesis in leaf petioles and inflorescence scapes is GMYB10-dependent.

Fig. S2 Comparison of nucleotide sequences of the inserts in vectors TRV:GCHS1 and TRV:GCHS4 with the corresponding sequences in GCHS4 and GCHS1, respectively.

Fig. S3 Close view of petals in cv President after silencing of GCHS1 or GCHS4 by VIGS.

Table S1 Primers used in this study

Table S2 Open reading frames, the number of amino acids, molecular weights and isoelectric points (pIs) of the deduced polypetides for the CHS-like genes in Gerbera hybrida

Table S3 Identities between CHS-like proteins based on amino acid sequences (%)