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Fig. S1 Immunoblots showing that transgenic Arabidopsis plants express HopD1-HA or NTL91-330-HA.

Fig. S2 No HR or ion leakage observed in the Arabidopsis rpm1 mutant in response to bacterial strains.

Fig. S3 The first splice variant of NTL9 is the dominant form in Arabidopsis.

Fig. S4 NTL9-regulated BZIP9 expression is repressed by ETI.

Fig. S5 GFP-NTL9 inside plant cells is not altered by the presence of HopD1-HA.

Fig. S6 HopD1 does not alter NTL9-dependent gene expression in the yeast one-hybrid system.

Table S1 Arabidopsis promoters that contain predicted NTL9 binding sites

Methods S1 Methods used for the data in the supporting information.