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Fig. S1 Genetic structure of worldwide individuals of Magnaporthe oryzae: comparison between the DAPC and Structure methods.

Fig. S2 Number of shared and specific alleles calculated over 10 microsatellites for the four Magnaporthe oryzae clusters identified in Asia.

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Table S1 Characteristics of the 10 microsatellites used for Magnaporthe oryzae genotyping

Table S2 Unbiased gene diversity and number of private alleles in random subsamples performed in 46 Magnaporthe oryzae worldwide populations

Table S3 Gene diversity and mean number of private alleles in subsamples of Magnaporthe oryzae individuals from the same genetic cluster in Asia

Table S4 Information on Magnaporthe oryzae multilocus genotypes repeated within populations and shared between populations

Table S5 Distribution of Magnaporthe oryzae individuals in clusters according to the type of rice culture