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Fig. S1 Verification of the SgME1 protein encoded by SgME1.

Fig. S2 Phylogenetic tree of SgME1 with representative ME proteins from plants.

Fig. S3 Subcellular localization of SgME1 fused to GFP in onion epidermal cells.

Fig. S4 Dynamic expression patterns of SgME1 in both genotypes grown in CaCl2 solution.

Fig. S5 Expression level of SgME1 and malate concentrations in wild type (WT) and overexpressing SgME1 lines (OX1 and OX2) in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Fig. S6 Expression level of SgME1, organic acid concentrations and exudation in transgenic bean hairy roots with overexpressing SgME1 (OX) and empty vector control (CK).

nph12629-sup-0002-TabS1.docWord document90KTable S1 Primers used for SgME1 full-length cloning, expression analysis and functional analysis