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Fig. S1 Nucleic acid sequence alignment between SINA2 and Arabidopsis SINATs.

Fig. S2 Confocal microscopy analyses of YFP signals from different tissues of transgenic 35::SINA2-YFP and ProSINA2::SINA2-YFP Arabidopsis plants expressing SINA2-YFP fusion protein.

Fig. S3 Drought tolerance analyses of wild type (Col-0) and sina2-1, RT-PCR analyses of SINA2 overexpression lines, and examination of proline contents.

Fig. S4 Protein sequence alignment between OsDIS1 (rice, NP_001173420.1), SINA2 (Arabidopsis, NP_187978.1), SINA (Drosophila, XP_001973003.1), and SIAH (human, NP_003022.3).

Fig. S5 Co-IP analyses of self interaction between SINA2 proteins.

Fig. S6 Phenotype comparison of Col-0, sina2-1 and 35S::SINA2-4 in response to ABA.

Fig. S7 qRT-PCR analyses of SINAT expression in response to ABA and various abiotic stresses.

Fig. S8 Measurements of stomatal aperture in response to ABA.

Table S1 Primers used in this study