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Fig. S1 Suppression of the PAMP-triggered oxidative burst and stomatal closure by HopM1 in N. benthamiana and characterization of HopM1 expression.

Fig. S2 The proteasome inhibitor MG132 reverts the HopM1-mediated inhibition of PAMP-triggered stomatal closure in N. benthamiana.

Fig. S3 Confocal imaging of stomata.

Fig. S4 HopM1 does not affect the accumulation of the receptor FLS2 or the NADPH oxidase RBOHD.

Fig. S5 AICAR inhibits 14-3-3 proteins in N. benthamiana, and HopM1, but not other bacterial effectors, exerts a similar effect.

Fig. S6 Proposed model for the effect of HopM1 on PAMP-triggered ROS burst and stomatal closure.