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Fig. S1 Tissue expression patterns of seven CaM family members by RT-PCR.

Fig. S2 Southern and western blotting analysis of GhCaM7 in transformed cotton plants.

Fig. S3 Two years of fiber length statistics of GhCaM7 transgenic and wild-type lines.

Fig. S4 In vitro validation of the role of GhCaM7 in fiber elongation by ovule culture assay.

Fig. S5 Ca2+ starvation promotes the early elongation of cotton fibers.

Fig. S6 Effects of H2O2, DPI and Ca2+ starvation treatments on overexpression, RNAi and wild-type cultured ovules.

Fig. S7 Effect of 6 d of treatment with different concentrations of 2-APB on fiber and ovule development.

Table S1 Primers used in this study