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Fig. S1 Half-compatible consensus tree of the tribe Geissoieae based on trnL sequence data.

Fig. S2 Nickel concentration in leaves of New Caledonian Geissois species.

Fig. S3 NMDS of leaf element composition of all New Caledonian Geissois species restricted to nonultramafic soils and species from Vanuatu, Fiji and Solomon Islands.

Fig. S4 Distribution maps of the New Caledonian species of Geissois.

Fig. S5 Half-compatible consensus tree of the tribe Geissoieae based on PHYC sequence data.

Fig. S6 Half-compatible consensus tree of Geissois based on ncpGS sequence data.

Fig. S7 Chronogram of the family Cunoniaceae based on BEAST analysis of PHYC & ncpGS data.

Table S1 Results of leaf element analyses on dry leaf samples

Table S2 Index of collections used for molecular phylogenetics analyses with voucher information and Genbank accession numbers

Table S3 Pairwise percentage overlap of the geographic distributions of New Caledonian Geissois species

Table S4 Principal ecological and elemental characteristics of Geissois species mentioned in the text

Table S5 Results of Hotelling pairwise comparisons of leaf element compositions of Geissois species