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Fig. S1 Typical morphologies of Senecio lautus populations at Cabarita beach and example of transplant experiment plot.

Fig. S2 Fruits of Senecio lautus.

Fig. S3 Germination in transplant experiments under controlled conditions.

Fig. S4 Examples of seedling individual in the field, a predated seedling and one of the predator individuals (Spilosoma sp.).

Fig. S5 Examples of Senecio lautus pollinators observed in both sand dune and rocky headlands field.

Table S1 Geographic location of populations used in this study

Table S2 Proportion of individuals that germinated in Dune or Headland soil under glasshouse or field conditions

Table S3 Mortality in reciprocal transplant experiments in the field

Table S4 Detailed information on statistical tests