This article corrects:

  1. The diel imprint of leaf metabolism on the δ13C signal of soil respiration under control and drought conditions Volume 192, Issue 4, 925–938, Article first published online: 18 August 2011

New Phytologist 192 (2011), 925–938.

Since its publication, the authors of Barthel et al. (2011) have brought to our attention three errors in their article as follows.

First, in the Materials and Methods, subsection ‘Statistics’ (p. 929), the calculations of the half-life time and the mean residence time are transposed: the text should read ‘…where the half-life time (HLT) and mean residence time (MRT) were calculated as ln(2)/τ and 1/τ, respectively, from the equation: inline image.’ Second, Fig. 2, within panel (c) the time should read 12 am (and not 12 pm) (p. 930); and third, in the Discussion, subsection ‘Time-lags and residence times of δ13CSR’ (p. 934) the given transport rate is incorrect: it should read 0.16 m h−1 (and not 0.09 m h−1). These errors do not affect the results or conclusions of the article.

We apologize to our readers for these mistakes.