• chilling requirements;
  • Concord;
  • Henry David Thoreau;
  • invasive species;
  • leaf out;
  • Massachusetts;
  • native species;
  • phenology

New Phytologist 202 (2014), 106–115.

Since its publication, the authors of Polgar et al. (2014) have brought to our attention errors in Table 1 and Supporting Information Table S2 in the species names and a collection site. In Table 1, Eleagnus umbellata should read Eleagnus latifolia and the collection site for Euonymus alatus should be listed as Newton (N). In Table S2, Hamamelis ovalis should be listed as Hamamelis virginiana.

We apologize to our readers for these mistakes.


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  2. Reference
  • Polgar C, Gallinat A, Primack RB. 2014. Drivers of leaf-out phenology and their implications for species invasions: insights from Thoreau's Concord. New Phytologist 202: 106115.