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Fig. S1 Protein sequence alignment of AtMYB93, -92 and -53 homologues in land plants.

Fig. S2 A second Atmyb93 allele, Atmyb93-2, shows increased LR formation.

Fig. S3 An Atmyb92 single mutant has no PR or LR phenotypes.

Fig. S4 PR length is slightly reduced relative to wild-type in 35S::MYC-AtMYB93 seedlings.

Fig. S5 qRT-PCR analysis of the effect of exogenous IAA and ABA on MYB92 and MYB53 expression.

Fig. S6 Atmyb93 mutants grown on NPA for 7 d and then transferred to 0.5× MS are still able to produce more lateral roots than wild-type plants.

Fig. S7 qRT-PCR analysis of ARABIDILLO1 and AtMYB genes in arabidillo1/2, Atmyb93 and Atmyb92/Atmyb93 mutants.

nph12879-sup-0002-TableS1.xlsapplication/msexcel37KTable S1 List of primers used in this work