• Stochastic dynamic programming;
  • water pricing;
  • adoption of efficient irrigation technology


In the framework of a stochastic dynamic programming model, the paper investigates the impact of water supply uncertainty and storage at farm level on adoption of efficient irrigation technologies under a flexible water price regime. We find that even a flexible water pricing cannot guarantee higher adoption of efficient irrigation technology in all cases. Results of the paper indicate that if a farmer invests in water storage capacity, then the value of efficient usage of water increases, and the rate of adoption of efficient irrigation technology will be higher. It establishes a complementarity relationship between investments in storage capacity and adoption of efficient irrigation technology. The relationship becomes stronger with increasing variance in water supply. In a situation without any option to store water at the farm level, we find a negative relationship between investment in efficient irrigation technology and water variability. However, numerical analysis results suggest that a risk averse farmer may invest more in efficient irrigation only if the variance in water supply is very high.