Figure S1 Effect of beta-alanine supplementation on muscle carnosine levels – forest plot.

Figure S2 Beta-alanine versus placebo – funnel plot.

Table S1 Inclusion screen.

Table S2 Participants.

Table S3 Intervention.

Table S4 Quality of primary clinical studies.

Table S5 AMSTAR grading of review articles.

Table S6 Benefits outcomes.

Table S7 Safety information from clinical studies.

Table S8 MedWatch – CFSAN reports.

Table S9 MedWatch – CDER reports.

Table S10 Canada vigilance program reports.

Table S11 WHO – UMC reports.

Table S12 Endpoints for computational analysis.

Table S13 Clinical adverse effects models.

Table S14 Preclinical toxicity models.

Table S15 QSAR model predictions.

Table S16 Modeling – structural similarity with beta-alanine.

Appendix SA Exact search strings.

Appendix SB Evidence for benefits of beta-alanine alone.

Appendix SC Evidence for benefits of beta-alanine in combination products.

Appendix SD Safety information.

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