Global divides: Deconstructing the way we see the world should not be left to senior geography


Note about authors: Rachel Tallon is a PhD Candidate in Development Studies. Her research explores the influence of the marketing face of the development industry on young people in New Zealand in terms of how they learn to perceive the ‘distant Other’ and negotiate the appeal to take action.



Terms such as ‘Third World/First World’, ‘Developing/Developed’ are still in common usage despite many commentators and educators signalling that they are inadequate. Using empirical evidence from research in New Zealand, this paper discusses how these dividing terms may be under stress among young people who seek new ways of learning about places and people. In conceptualising the South Pacific, terms like ‘developing world’ may be challenged by young people. Debating these terms at all levels of education is important and should not merely be left to tertiary levels.