obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KFigure S1. PRISMA diagram.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KFigure S2. Food intake against body mass.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KFigure S3. Effects on body mass.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KFigure S4. Effects on absolute food intake.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KFigure S5. Effects on linear food intake.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KFigure S6. Effects on allometric food intake.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KFigure S7. Forest plots for subset analysis.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KFigure S8. Funnel plots for subset analysis.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KTable S1. List of excluded full-text publications, with reasons.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KTable S2. Body mass: models summary.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KTable S3. Body mass: results summary.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KTable S4. Absolute food intake: models summary.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KTable S5. Absolute food intake: results summary.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KTable S6. Linear food intake: models summary.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KTable S7. Linear food intake: results summary.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KTable S8. Allometric food intake: models summary.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KTable S9. Allometric food intake: results summary.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KTable S10. Subset analysis – body mass: models summary.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KTable S11. Subset analysis – body mass: results summary.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KTable S12. Subset analysis – absolute food intake: models summary.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KTable S13. Subset analysis – absolute food intake: results summary.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KTable S14. Subset analysis – linear food intake: models summary.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KTable S15. Subset analysis – linear food intake: results summary.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KTable S16. Subset analysis – allometric food intake: models summary.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KTable S17. Subset analysis – allometric food intake: results summary.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KAppendix S1. Supplementary methods, analyses and results.
obr12138-sup-0001-si.zip2594KAppendix S2. Supplementary data.

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