• current thinking;
  • diacapitular fracture;
  • mandibular condyle


Diacapitular fracture of the mandibular condyle occurs quite commonly following trauma to the jaws. However, many surgeons shy away from its surgical treatment because of the technical difficulties involved and would rather manage it conservatively. The difficulties range from surgical access and proper repositioning of the fractured segments to the application of mini- or micro-plates. Inadequate treatment can result in limitations in mouth opening, among other complications. Over the years, no clear-cut guidelines and common ground have been agreed upon across the surgical world with regard to the treatment of this very challenging fracture. Different surgeons at different times have put forward their experiences in the management of diacapitular fractures, and the controversy seems to linger despite advances in surgical techniques and armamentarium. This review article, therefore, is an overview of current thought on the management of diacapitular fractures of the mandibular condyle that is intended to harmonise some of the views in the literature.