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Figure S1 The workflow from transformation to fruit harvest.

Figure S2 Measurements of leaf width, leaf length and internode length from MYB10 and control lines.

Figure S3 Characteristics of MYB10 fruit.

Figure S4 Relative gene expression of DFR, UFGT and MYB10 in ‘Royal Gala’ WT and MYB10 lines 1, 3 and 4, leaf, peel and cortex tissue.

Figure S5 Relative expression of carotenoid pathway genes.

Figure S6 Comparison of headspace volatiles produced by MYB10 and WT apple fruit.

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Table S1 Growth regime for the MYB10 lines and WT ‘Royal Gala’.

Table S2 Carotenoid levels in WT ‘Royal Gala’ and MYB10 transgenic apples.

Table S3 Primer sequences used in qPCR analysis of fruit tissue.

pbi12017-sup-0003-AppendixS1.docxWord document33KAppendix S1 Supplemental experimental procedures.

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