Figure S1 Expression levels of ptxD gene in Arabidopsis transgenic lines.

Figure S2 Evaluation of the sensitivity of Arabidopsis transgenic plants to phosphite on liquid media.

Figure S3 Schematic representation of the construct designed to express the ptxD gene under control of CaMV 35S promoter.

Figure S4 Selection of Arabidopsis transformants using the ptxD gene as a selectable marker and different concentrations of Phi as selectable agent.

Figure S5 Amplification of the ptxD gene in T1 Arabidopsis thaliana transformants.

Figure S6 Phenotype of transgenic tobacco plants.vFigure S7 Presence of the ptxD gene in T1 tobacco transformants.

Figure S8 Selection of Arabidopsis and tobacco transformants under greenhouse conditions using the ptxD/Phi system.

Table S1 The T2 progeny of Arabidopsis independent lines, selected using the ptxD/Phi system, was sown and germinated in Phi-containing media.

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