pbi12089-sup-0001-SuppinfoS1.tifimage/tif646KFigure S1 Purification of the plant-produced HPV antigens.
pbi12089-sup-0002-SuppinfoS2.tifimage/tif542KFigure S2 Enrichment of the plant-produced L1 and L1/L2 vaccine antigens.
pbi12089-sup-0003-SuppinfoS3.tifimage/tif946KFigure S3 Western blot quantification of HPV antigens using the commercial vaccine Cervarix.
pbi12089-sup-0004-SuppinfoS4.tifimage/tif1136KFigure S4 Electron microscopy of purified HPV-16, HPV-18, HPV-45 and HPV-52 pseudovirions (PsVs).
pbi12089-sup-0005-SuppinfoS5.tifimage/tif445KFigure S5 HPV-52 PsV neutralisation assay for (a) L1/L2 (108–120), in comparison with HPV-16 L1, the current antigen used in HPV prophylactic vaccines, and (b) H52.C1 and H52.D11 MAb (both +ve neutralisation controls).
pbi12089-sup-0006-SuppinfoS6.tifimage/tif479KFigure S6 Plasmids used for plant expression.
pbi12089-sup-0007-Legend.docxWord document15K 

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