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Figure S1 Enriched conserved motifs identified in NAC proteins.

Figure S2 Expression of RhNAC3 in different floral organs.

Figure S3 Nuclear localization of RhNAC3 in Arabidopsis protoplasts.

Figure S4 RhNAC3 specifically bind to the regulatory sequences of five representative osmotic stress-related genes.

Figure S5 Morphological phenotypes of RhNAC3 overexpressing Arabidopsis.

Figure S6 Aerial dry weight of RhNAC3 overexpressing plants and changes of relative soil water content.

Figure S7 Verification of nine up-regulated genes in RhNAC3 overexpressing Arabidopsis by qRT-PCR.

Figure S8 The up-regulated genes in RhNAC2-, RhNAC3- and ANAC072-overexpressing Arabidopsis under normal conditions.

Table S1 Expression levels of genes closely related to cell expansion in RhNAC2- and RhNAC3-silenced petals.

Table S2 Analysis of up-regulated genes in the RhNAC3-overexpressing Arabidopsis.

Table S3 Analysis of up-regulated genes in the RhNAC2-overexpressing Arabidopsis.

Table S4 Analysis of up-regulated genes in the ANAC072-overexpressing Arabidopsis.

Table S5 Primer sequences used in this study.

Table S6 Upstream regulatory region of five representative osmotic stress-related genes in rose petals.

Appendix S1 Supplementary experimental procedures.

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