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Figure S1 Response of tomato fruits to EBR and Brz co-treatment and EBR sole treatment.

Figure S2 Pericarp discs from the fruits of the PSN plants.

Figure S3 The colour change of Nr fruit at the 9th day after 3.0 μm EBR application.

Figure S4 Nucleotide alignments showing the sequence of SlGLK2 gene from tomato [S. lycopersicum, cv. Zhongshusihao (ZS4)].

Figure S5 Expressions of BR biosynthetic genes and SlBZR1 in fruits of transgenic plants overexpressing BZR1-1D.

pbi12121-sup-0002-TableS1.xlsapplication/msexcel20KTable S1 Primers used for PCR and qRT-PCR.

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