Figure S1. Semiquantitative RT-PCR analysis of ZmNAAT1 and ZmDMAS1 in intercropped and monocropped maize roots. Zmtubulin was used as the control gene.

Figure S2. SPAD value of the young leaves in the intercropped and monocropped maize.

Figure S3. Fe concentration in roots and young leaves of intercropped and monocropped peanuts in hydroponics. (a) Fe concentration in roots. (b) Fe concentration in young leaves.

Figure S4. Mass spectrum of DMA by LC-ESI-TOF-MS in intercropped and monocropped peanut roots. (a) DMA and NA peaks in the standard. Peak patterns from intercropped peanut roots (b), monocropped peanut roots (c), and monocropped peanut roots with control DMA and NA (d). Retention time (15.4–15.6 min). The arrows indicate the peaks of derivatized DMA ([di-FMOC-DMA+H], 527 and 749).

Figure S5. Phylogenetic analysis of yellow stripe-like proteins (YSL) ZmYS1, HvYS1, Arabidopsis AtYSLs, rice OsYSLs, and peanut AhYSLs. The peanut YSLs were named according to the nearby Arabidopsis YSLs. Accession numbers are as follows: AhYSL1, JQ248576; AhYSL3.1, JQ248577; AhYSL3.2, JQ248578; AhYSL4, GO264375; AhYSL6, JQ248579; AtYSL1, At4g24120; AtYSL2, At5g24380; AtYSL3, At5g53550; AtYSL4, At5g41000; AtYSL5, At3g17650; AtYSL6, At3g27020; AtYSL7, At1g65730; AtYSL8, At1g48370; ZmYS1, AF186234; HvYS1, AB214183; OsYSL1, AB190912; OsYSL2, AB126253; OsYSL3, AB190913; OsYSL4, AB190914; OsYSL5, AB190915; OsYSL6, AB190916; OsYSL7, AB190917; OsYSL8, AB190918; OsYSL9, AB190919; OsYSL10, AB190920; OsYSL11, AB190921; OsYSL12, AB190922; OsYSL13, AB164644; OsYSL14, AB164645; OsYSL15, AB190923; OsYSL16, AB190924; OsYSL17, AB190925; OsYSL18, AB190926.

Figure S6. Sequence alignment among AhYSL1, AhYSL3.1, and ZmYS1 proteins.

Table S1. Primers used in this study.

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