Figure S1. E-cadherin expression is inversely correlated with GLI2, ZEB1 and SNAIL expression in melanoma cells.

Figure S2. GLI2 controls the expression of E-cadherin, ZEB1 and SNAIL in melanoma cells.

Figure S3. GLI2 upregulates ZEB1 expression through its direct binding on the −326/−183 region of ZEB1 promoter.

Figure S4. GLI2 requires ZEB1, but not SNAIL, to inhibit CDH1 promoter activity.

Figure S5. Conservation of the putative KLF-binding motifs present within region −220/−178 of the human CDH1 promoter region across mammalian species.

Figure S6. Specificity of GLI2–ZEB1 proximity ligation assay.

Figure S7. TGF-β induces GLI2 and ZEB1 expression, and represses E-cadherin expression in SK28 melanoma cells.

pcmr12149-sup-0002-Table.pdfapplication/PDF66KTable S1. Sequence of primer sets, siRNAs and shRNAs.

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