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Data S1. Materials and methods.

Figure S1. Distinctive features of the pigmentation-related gene expression between WM115 and WM266-4 melanoma cells.

Figure S2. Expression of each miRNA in various melanoma cell lines.

Figure S3. miR-100 did not regulate the expression of pigmentation-related genes.

Figure S4. Overexpression or deletion of miR-125b in WM266-4 cells.

Figure S5. Expression of miR-125b in human tissues.

Figure S6. Expression of primary transcripts of miR-125b in various melanoma cell lines.

Figure S7. Schematic model of hypopigmentation induced by miR-125b.

Table S1. List of upregulated genes in WM266-1 cells.

Table S2. List of pigment-related genes that are upregulated in WM266-1 cells.

Table S3. List of downregulated miRNAs in WM266-1 cells.

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