Current growth status and metabolic parameters of Korean adolescents born small for gestational age: Results from the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (KNHANES) 2010–2011




Currently, little information is available on current growth status and metabolic syndrome (MetS) components according to birthweight at gestational age (BWGA) on Korean adolescents. Herein, the current height and weight and MetS components of Korean adolescents who were born as small for gestational age (SGA) were compared to those of the appropriate for GA (AGA) or large for GA (LGA) groups.


Data for 2018 adolescents (aged 10–18 years) recorded in the Fifth Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2010–2011 conducted by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare were assessed in this cross-sectional study. A total of 1750 subjects were assessed for current growth according to BWGA, and 792 were assessed for MetS components according to BWGA.


From the birth history of 1750 adolescents, the prevalence of SGA, AGA, and LGA was 11.4% (n = 193), 77.7% (n = 1366), and 10.9% (n = 191), respectively. Current height-standard deviation score (SDS) and weight-SDS were significantly positively related to BWGA in all Korean adolescents (P < 0.0001). Of the 792 adolescents, the prevalence of MetS was 1.2% (n = 9). There were no differences in MetS components in Korean adolescents between SGA and AGA or LGA group.


BWGA is related to current height and weight in Korean adolescents but is not related to individual components of MetS.