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Integrating Social Identity and the Theory of Planned Behavior: Predicting Withdrawal from an Organizational Recruitment Process


  • We express our sincere appreciation to Drs. David Armor and Louis Buffardi for their guidance at early stages of the research process. We are grateful to Dr. Rodney McCloy for his statistical advice. In addition, we benefited greatly from the instructive feedback of Dr. Brad Bell and two anonymous reviewers.

Crystal M. Harold, Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19122;


This study develops and tests a model of applicant withdrawal. Drawing on tenets from social identity theory and the theory of planned behavior, this study proposes that applicants who highly identify with an organization will experience higher pursuit intentions and subsequently be less inclined to withdraw from recruitment. Data were collected from a sample of 669 applicants to the U.S. military at 2 intervals, separated by 3 months. Strong support was found for the proposed theoretical model. Implications for research and practice will be discussed.