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The Impact of PRAISEDD on Adherence and Initiation of Heart Health Behaviors in Senior Housing




Building on prior theoretical work and research, we developed a community-based intervention, People Reducing Risk And Improving Strength through Exercise, Diet, and Drug Adherence (PRAISEDD), a three-phase program which was implemented in 2009. The purpose of this study was to report on Phase III, the Inoculation Phase, of the PRAISEDD program and explore participant experiences.

Design and Sample

This was a descriptive, qualitative study focused on exploring participation in heart healthy PRAISEDD classes. Ten residents participated in the focus group, all of whom attended at least one PRAISEDD session.


Qualitative data were obtained at the end of the 12 months during which Phase III was implemented. Descriptive data were gathered to describe the number of initial PRAISEDD participants and the number of new participants who came to classes.


Nine codes were identified and reduced to two themes: motivators to participate in exercise classes; and factors that decrease willingness to participate. The Phase III monthly PRAISEDD inoculation classes were attended by 10–12 residents, the majority of whom participated in Phase I of PRAISEDD.


We were able to engage new participants in classes during Phase III, and qualitative findings provided important recommendations for future work.