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Table S1. Generalized linear model analysis of the effects of UVB cumulative dose on egg hatchability of Panonychus citri laid on citrus and kidney bean leaves and that of Tetranychus urticae on kidney bean (hatchability − mite type + UVB dose + mite type × UVB dose, logit-link, binomial, true = hatch).

Table S2. Generalized linear model analyses of the effects of date, sunlight, air temperature and relative humidity on the distribution between upper and lower leaf surfaces of adult females, juveniles and eggs on citrus trees in the field (distribution − date + sunlight + air temperature + RH). Distribution data on sunny and shaded leaves were combined over all trees in the same date.

Table S3. GLMM analysis of factors affecting hatching of eggs collected from citrus trees in the field (hatchability − date + sunlight + surface + date × sunlight + date × surface, logit-link, binomial, cluster = tree, true = hatch), AIC = 293.3.

Table S4. GLMM analysis of factors affecting egg production on field-collected leaves (egg − surface + day × surface, logit-link, Poisson, cluster = leaf, AIC = 672.1; AIC in the full model = 677.1).

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