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Figure S1. HPLC analysis of UV-irradiated NEPO(10). UV (~1000 J cm−2)-irradiated NPEO (10) was analyzed using HPLC (mobile phase: n-hexane, isopropanol and water). NP and NPEO(6) as standards separated as a single peak, whereas NPEO(10) showed multiple peaks because it was produced for industry and contained NPEOs with slightly different side chain lengths. NP and NPEOs with shorter side chains (~10) appeared after UVB and UVC irradiation, depending on the irradiation dose. The gradual degradation and disappearance of side chains were more remarkable after UVC than UVB irradiation.

Figure S2. Cytotoxicity of NPEOs irradiated with UV. Human fibroblasts, ASF4-1 cells, were treated with NPEO(10) (A) and NPEO(70) (B) irradiated (~1000 J cm−2) at a concentration of 100 μm. Cell survival 24 h after the treatment was determined by alamer BlueTM assay (Diagnostic systems Inc., USA). Values are the mean ± SD (= 5). *< 0.05, ***< 0.001

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