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In Situ Synthesis and Characterization of Nano ZnO on Wool: Influence of Nano Photo Reactor on Wool Properties


Corresponding author email: (Majid Montazer)


This study has been carried out to synthesize nano ZnO on wool fabric and also to investigate influences of nano photo reactors on wool fabric characteristics. Zinc acetate has been used as a precursor and the synthesis process has been done in water and water/ethanol media. The treated wool fabrics were heated at 80°C for 10 h to dehydrate Zn(OH)2 obtaining ZnO. The fabric samples were then subjected to daylight for 7 days to examine the influence of nano ZnO photo reactor on the fabric properties. SEM images revealed the embedding of ZnO nanoparticles on the fabrics and X-ray diffraction verified the nanoparticles composition. The Yellowness Index (YI) of the fabrics was measured with Color Eye XTH that has been reduced with increasing pH, Zn(CH3COO)2 concentration, ethanol and heating. The lower water contact angle and time of water absorption confirmed higher hydrophilic properties of the treated fabrics. Interestingly, a higher tensile strength obtained on the wool fabrics proved the interaction of ZnO with protein chains of wool, which was verified through lower alkali solubility of treated fabric with nano ZnO and confirmed more benefits of the in situ synthesis process.