Fluence Measurements Employing Iodide/Iodate Chemical Actinometry as Applied to Upper-Room Germicidal Radiation


  • This study is part of the Symposium-in-Print on “Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation”

Corresponding author email: rrahn1@nc.rr.com


To measure the fluence distribution in the upper room of a facility equipped with germicidal UV lamps a method has been developed utilizing iodide/iodate chemical actinometry together with spherical (1 cm) quartz irradiation chambers. The use of spherical vessels allows radiation from essentially all directions to be measured. Such a measurement allows an estimate of the radiation flux at a given point in space, i.e. the fluence rate. When a battery of spheres located at various points in a room are simultaneously irradiated, a measure of the fluence distribution can be obtained. The use of the iodide/iodate chemical actinometer is uniquely qualified to measure germicidal UV radiation. The purpose of this report is to provide details on how this system can be used to measure fluence rates. In particular, it describes how a hand-held colorimeter can be used to measure the absorbance changes in irradiated spheres.