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Figure S1. HPLC chromatograms of FN-4 before (solid line) and after photooxidation (dashed line) with MB as photosensitizer.

Figure S2. Inhibitory effect of 1O2 selective quenchers for FN4.

Figure S3. 1O2 self-sensitization by the dyads in methanol.

Figure S4. FN-4 fluorescence changes upon 1O2 self-sensitization

Figure S5. Selectivity of FN-4 and FN-I2 toward other reactive oxygen species.

Table S1. Detailed photophysical characterization of FN-4 in solution.

Table S2. Detailed photophysical characterization of FN-I1 in solution.

Table S3. Detailed photophysical characterization of FN-7 in solution.

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